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International Banking

National Bank of Pakistan is at the forefront of international banking in Pakistan which is proven by the fact that NBP has its branches in all of the major financial capitals of the world.  Additionally, we have recently set up the Financial Institution Wing, which is placed under the Risk Management Group.  The role of the Financial Institution Wing is :-

  • To effectively manage NBP's exposure to foreign and domestic correspondence
  • Manage the monetary aspect of NBP's relationship with the correspondents to support trade, treasury and other key business areas, thereby contributing to the bank's profitability
  • Generation of incremental trade-finance business and revenues

 NBP offers:

  • The lowest rates on exports and other international banking products
  • Access to different local commercial banks in international banking
Demand Drafts
If you are looking for a safe, speedy and reliable way to transfer money, you can now purchase NBP's Demand Drafts at very reasonable rates. Any person whether an account holder of the bank or not, can purchase a Demand Draft from a bank branch
Mail Transfers
Move your money safely and quickly using NBP Mail Transfer service.  And we also offer the most competitive rates in the market.
Pay Order*
NBP provides another reason to transfer your money using our facilities.  Our pay orders are a secure and easy way to move your money from one place to another.  And, as usual, our charges for this service are extremely competitive.

Traveler's Cheques

Negotiability: Pak Rupees Traveler's Cheques are a negotiable instrument
Validity:    There is no restriction on the period of validity 
Availability: At 700 branches of NBP all over the country 
Encashment:     At all 400 branches of NBP 
Limitation:      No limit on purchase 
Safety:         NBP Traveler's Cheques are the safest way to carry our money 

Letter of Credit
NBP is committed to offering its business customers the widest range of options in the area of money transfer.  If you are a commercial enterprise then our Letter of Credit service is just what you are looking for. With competitive rates, security, and ease of transaction, NBP Letters of Credit are the best way to do your business transactions.
Commercial Finance
Let us help make your dreams become a reality

Our dedicated team of professionals truly understands the needs of professionals, agriculturists, large and small business and other segments of the economy.  They are the customer's best resource in making NBP's products and services work for them.

Foreign Remittances

To facilitate its customers in the area of Home Remittances, National Bank of Pakistan has taken a number of measures to:

  • Increase home remittances through the banking system
  • Meet the SBP directives/instructions for timely and prompt delivery of remittances to the beneficiaries
Remit funds from USA to Pakistan
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New Features:

The existing system of home remittances has been revised/significantly improved and well-trained field functionaries are posted to provide efficient and reliable home remittance services to nonresident Pakistanis at 15 overseas branches of the Bank besides United National Bank (the joint venture between NBP and UBL in UK)., and Bank Al-Jazira, Saudi Arabia. 

  • Zero Tariff: NBP is providing home remittance services without any charges.
  • Strict monitoring of the system is done to ensure the highest possible security.
  • Special courier services are hired for expeditious delivery of home remittances to the beneficiaries.

SWIFT System

The SWIFT system (Society for Worldwide Inter bank Financial Telecommunication) has been introduced for speedy services in the area of home remittances.  The system has built-in features of computerized test keys, which eliminates the manual application of tests that often cause delay in the payment of home remittances.

SWIFT Network
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The SWIFT Center is operational at National Bank of Pakistan with a universal access number NBP-PKKA.  All NBP overseas branches and overseas correspondents (over 450) are drawing remittances through SWIFT.   

Using the NBP network of branches, you can safely and speedily transfer money for your business and personal needs.

Short Term Investments
NBP now offers excellent rates of profit on all it's short term investment accounts.  Whether you are looking to invest for 3 months or 1 year, NBP's rates of profit are extremely attractive, along with the security and service only NBP can provide.

National Income Daily Account (N.I.D.A)

The scheme was launched in December 1995 to attract corporate customers.  It is a current account scheme and is part of the profit and loss system of accounts in operation throughout the country.  

Equity Investments
NBP has accelerated its activities in the stock market to improve its economic base and restore investor confidence.  The bank is now regarded as the most active and dominant player in the development of the stock market.  NBP is involved in the following: 
  • Investment into the capital market
  • Introduction of capital market accounts (under process)
NBP's involvement in capital markets is expected to increase its earnings, which would result in better returns offered to account holders

Trade Finance & Other Business Loans
Agriculture Finance

NBP provides Agricultural Finance to solidify faith, commitment and pride of farmers who produce some of the best agricultural products in the World.

Agricultural Finance Services:

“I Feed the World” program, a new product, is introduced by NBP with the aim to help farmers maximize the per acre production with minimum of required input.  Select farms will be made role models for other farms and farmers to follow, thus helping farmers across Pakistan to increase production.

Agricultural Credit:

The agricultural financing strategy of NBP is aimed at three main objectives:-

  • Providing reliable infrastructure for agricultural customers
  • Help farmers utilize funds efficiently to further develop and achieve better production
  • Provide farmers an integrated package of credit with supplies of essential inputs, technical knowledge, and supervision of farming.

 Agricultural Credit (Medium Term): 

  • Production and development
  • Watercourse improvement
  • Wells
  • Farm power
  • Development loans for tea plantation
  • Fencing
  • Solar energy
  • Equipment for sprinklers

Farm Credit:

NBP also provides the following subsidized with ranges of 3 months to 1 year on a renewal basis. 

  • Operating loans
  • Land improvement loans
  • Equipment loans for purchase of tractors, farm implements or any other equipment
  • Livestock loans for the purchase, care, and feeding of livestock

Production Loans:

 Production loans are meant for basic inputs of the farm and are short term in nature.  Seeds, fertilizers, sprayers, etc are all covered under this scheme.

 If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to e-mail us.

Corporate Finance

Working Capital and Short Term Loans:

NBP specializes in providing Project Finance – Export Refinance to exporters – Pre-shipment and Post-shipment financing to exporters – Running finance – Cash Finance – Small Finance – Discounting & Bills Purchased – Export Bills Purchased / Pre-shipment / Post Shipment Agricultural Production Loans

Medium term loans and Capital Expenditure Financing:

NBP provides financing for its clients' capital expenditure and other long-term investment needs.  By sharing the risk associated with such long-term investments, NBP expedites clients' attempt to upgrade and expand their operation thereby making possible the fulfillment of our clients' vision.  This type of long term financing proves the bank's belief in its client's capabilities, and its commitment to the country.

Loan Structuring and Syndication:

National Bank's leadership in loan syndicating stems from ability to forge strong relationships not only with borrowers but also with bank investors.  Because we understand our syndicate partners' asset criteria, we help borrowers meet substantial financing needs by enabling them to reach the banks most interested in lending to their particular industry, geographic location and structure through syndicated debt offerings.  Our syndication capabilities are complemented by our own capital strength and by industry teams, who bring specialized knowledge to the structure of a transaction.

Cash Management Services:

With National Bank's Cash Management Services (in process of being set up), the customer's sales collection will be channeled through vast network of NBP branched spread across the country.  This will enable the customer to manage their company's total financial position right from your desktop computer.  They will also be able to take advantage of our outstanding range of payment, ejection, liquidity and investment services.  In fact, with NBP, you'll be provided everything, which takes to manage your cash flow more accurately.

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